Maasive critics against working conditions at Biltema’s warehouse

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Employes can not move freely, are not able to drink water or listen to radio and the work clothes are too thin to keep them warm.

There has been massive critics against Biltema’s logistic centre in Halmstad.

”Our employers have a mindset of the 1800s”, says one employee.

Retlog, Biltema’s subsidiary and warehouse in Halmstad services Biltema shops such as spare parts and accessories for cars, motorcycles and various tools in the boat, leisure, home and technology. Most store employees have testified to Radio Halland on the miserable working conditions.

”The company does what they have to by law. But not much beyond that,” says chief safety Tony Kok to union paper Handelsnytt.

He has been given a straight no to installing water as warehouse workers can easily drink when they are thirsty. Work clothes are not up to standard. Sometimes it’s cold at the warehouse, but despite that employees freezes are no thermal pants available. To bring their own is prohibited.

Earlier management followed the company staff jobs in real time and egged on those who were working too slowly. That was put to an end by the union.
In contrast, the employees’ work rate is still recorded and put into statistics to among other things, see who is entitled to the bonus.
An employee says that the dream of many of the employees is a radio they can listen to during the monotonous work.
”We walk like zombies in a basement without windows. We hardly talk, then we get stressed of knowing that our pace is reduced,” she says to

When the union tried to negotiate music on the job was the answer, as always, no.
“Generally, it has become better. We and the company have a better dialogue on the working today than before, “says Tony Kok who’s been promised water after the media reports

”We will in the future be more involved in how Retlog work and help the management of Retlog ensure that procedures regarding staffing and working conditions are reviewed and renewed. Retlog’s management have now had conversations with all staff and an action plan is underway,” says Biltema press officer Henrik Jarl to Handelsnytt.