Mature women’s fashion retailers merge into Nordic giant

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Nordic fashion company Wenz merges with sister company Klingel, thus becoming the fourth largest mail order company in fashion in Sweden.

”We know that many of our customers shop with both Wenz and Klingel. This is a way to make it more convenient for them. At the same time, we can offer a wider range of fashion online through a one-stop shop that primarily targets women from 45 years upwards,” says Carina Bergudden, operations manager at Klingel in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Klingel is relatively alone in turning to a target group pf women over 45, with a range that maintains a high level of fashion, and has a focus on fit and function. Each month the company sends out over 12,000 packets.

”The merger gives the Klingel customers access to Wenz European boutique fashion, while Wenzcustomers get a broader basic selection, more custom sizes and a wider range of footwear and furnishings.”

The merger is a first step in efforts to expand the range it offers to its many customers. The next step is to pick up even more of Klingel Group’s European brands. Starting on 19 December, Wenz and Klingel’s garments are gathered on the common web shop