Media Markt invites to dance at 10th anniversary

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Media Markt is celebrating ten years in Sweden – and releases a new advertising concept.

After ten years in Sweden – with constant and huge losses – MediaMarkt wants to celebrate big.

Among others, Media Markt releases several new commercials with agency Mulle Lowe Brindfors. The films illustrate the company’s passion and joy of technology by the actors performing choreographed dances inspired by the wide range of consumer electronics. Each week will see a series of scintillating dances with different severity such as “Give me the remote,” “Zap” and “Syntax error”.
“We obviously want to celebrate with a fun party in a red and white like the Media Markt world. Through the movies we want to invite to a dance with the viewers, “says Calle Sjönell, Chief Creative Officer at Mullen Lowe Brindfors saying that the commercials are energetic, technology-focused and fun, just like Media Markt.


You can also see them here: