Media Markt launches new concept – builds apartment showroom in-store

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Media Markt re-opens in Barkarby on Thursday and launches a store concept ‘based on the opportunity to experience the latest technology in terms of consumer electronics and smart-home solutions’.

This includes a branded showroom built as an apartment.

Media Markt’s new management has been into damage control and reducing costs the last six months. This lead to a closure in Södertälje. Country manager Per Kaufmann then told that the store was too small to reduce more costs and become profitable, so it was closed down even though it had a leasing agreement until 2020-2021.

But cutdowns on storespace have been more successful on other locations – and now it’s combined with a new modern concept.

”We are extremely excited about the Barkarby store’s re-opening on 4 December. In order to match the e-commerce, we believe that the opportunity to test the latest technology trends can be crucial. Therefore, we have chosen to focus a large part of our new store on the actual experience of the products,” says Raphael Matzker, department head of Media Markt Barkarby.

A part of the new department store is a complete apartment fully furnished with consumer electronics products and smart-home solutions. Monitors are connected to show how customers can control several functions in their homes through a smartphone or tablet. Moreover, it is decorated with lighting that on a few keystrokes alters the experience of the room. In addition to this also shows the latest appliances and kitchenware products up – all for wireless remote control.

The press announcement includes several brands behind the details in the showroom – which might be a sign of how Media Markt will work further on with sponsored solutions.

”Through our recent store concept, we put the customer experience in the center. Our customers will have the opportunity to be inspired by the latest smart-home solutions on the market by getting access to them in an environment that shows what a difference they make, and how future homes will look like,” says Tahero Nori, head of innovation at Media Markt.