Media Markt to re-negotiate all employment contracts

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Consumer electronics chain Media Markt terminates all employment contracts in Sweden to negotiate working hours.
“Most of our employees are working every other weekend, but it’s not quite enough since many of our customers come on weekends and evenings,” says CEO Per Kaufmann.

Media Markt has the past year been focused on extensive damage control after years of heavy losses. Many stores have shrunk surfaces after bitwise tough negotiations.
Now the turn has come to the staff.
Göteborgs-Posten writes that Media Markt on Monday briefed employees that the company wants to terminate all employment contracts to negotiate working hours.
Totally it affects approximately 1200 employees at the chain’s 26 stores in Sweden.

“What we are doing now is to start talking to unions about changing some of our employees’ contracts of employment for working hours to fit in better with when customers are in our stores,” says CEO Per Kaufmann to

“It’s certainly not about to cutting back on staff. Quite the contrary. ”

There is currently major differences between department stores when it comes to how many full- and part-time employees they have.

According to Per Kaufmann Media Markt is doing much better.