Meny to replace SuperBest and Eurospar in Denmark

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Dagrofa and its co-owner Norgesgruppen takes the Norwegian Meny-concept to Denmark by a merge and conversion of SuperBest and Eurospar.

The first Meny-stores will open their doors next spring.

At the same time discount chain KIWI will open in large format.

”The choice today is a modern food store or a discount store. There is no competitive position in the middle”, says Dagrofa CEO Per Thau.

Dagrofa presents a new strategy for the group with the main focus on creating a winning food business in retail. This will be done with fewer chains and a sharpened focus on strong food concepts.

Result: SuperBest and Eurospar merge into a new nationwide food market, Meny, which opens during first half of next year. Meny, with high manual service, is already a concept in Norway under Dagrofa-owner Norgesgruppen’s wings.

“We see that the boundary between small supermarkets and discount disappears. If stores don’t have a strong base in the local area or are unique in other ways, they are faced with a choice today: Either they develop into modern food stores or discount stores. In today’s market there is no competitive position in the middle”, says Per Thau, CEO of Dagrofa adding:

“In Dagrofa our chains have been close to the middle. Thus, we have rated three distinct positions from this given focus. We introduce a new modern food market in cooperation with the merchants. We continue our investment in discount, which now also makes room for large-format stores. And we maintain and strengthen

our ‘local heroes’ – the local merchants who are strongly rooted in the community. ”


Meny chain will be established in cooperation with the independent traders who today owns a part of the SuperBest- and Eurospar stores around the country.

The press announcement says ”Meny will offer an inspiring shopping and dining experience where customers are greeted by a large assortment, fresh fresh food and personal service from dedicated, talented professionals.”

The changes in Dagrofa chain concepts also means that the discount chain KIWI will have large format stores added. This occurs when KIWI is scheduled to get more space in the new hypermarkets. Dagrofa also plans to open up KIWI-chain for merchants who want to convert their shop to discount.

“Not all shops in SuperBest and Eurospar will be included into the new Meny chain. Shops that are strongly rooted in their local area and will continue to drive a grocery store at its own premises, may stay in SPAR, while the shops, located in areas where the price is crucial, can turn into a KIWI store. We have analyzed all the shops and have a plan for how we see them. But at the end of the day it’s a chocie the independent traders have to make,”, says Per Thau.

The service offices behind Eurospar and SuperBest will be put together into the new Merchants’ house which will both include Meny, Spar, Min Købmand and LetKøb. Director of all chains in Merchants’ house will be Jørgen Nielsen, who today is the chain director of SuperBest.

“I am looking forward to this challenge and see great potential. Especially with Meny we create renewal and innovation which this retail area really needs. Our focal point is a deep love for food and the fact that the meal must gather the family – not just on weekends, but every

single day. Meny gets the best and biggest food assortment supplemented by personal instruction from skilled professionals. With Meny we raise the level for what a food market should offer our customers”, says Jørgen Nielsen.

The changes in the organization means that Michael Østergaard leave his position as Director of Merchant house per 1 January 2015.