Meny set to open 40 stores on Saturday

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Dagrofa opens 40 Meny stores in the Copenhagen area this weekend

Fully developed, the new chain entry will include 119 stores across Denmark.

”Meny offers something completely new in Denmark,” says chain director Jørgen Nielsen.

Dagrofa is rebranding previous Superbest- and Spar stores to the Norwegian concept Meny.

The new name means that the stores are going to have a greater focus on fresh products and on promoting the special atmosphere, as in the popular market halls in central Copenhagen.

”Meny offers something completely new in Denmark: a food market where professionalism and lots of fresh products and fresh fruit and vegetables sets new standards for Danish retail trade, ”says Jørgen Nielsen, chain director of Meny.

The 40 stores that are first out are all in the Copenhagen area.

”Every Wednesday Meny’s shops have the city’s largest fish market with fresh fish, Thursday an extended cheese selection, while the skilled butchers and sommeliers from make something extra out of delicacies, meat and wine on Friday and Saturday,” announces Meny.

The chain also has a focus on families and has chosen to cooperate with Karoline’s Kitchen to develop recipes that take 20 minutes to make.