Mobile phones sales increasing again

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So far this year, consumer electronics sales in Sweden are five percent lower than last year.

But sales of mobile phones is increasing again after three pretty bad months. In time for Christmas.

”Mobile phones are the locomotive that pulls the entire electronics industry. And that product category is doing well is important for the market,” says Klas Elm, CEO of the Swedish electronics industry.

In terms of sales, sales of mobile phones in October increased by 16 percent compared with the same month in 2014. This means that the accumulated sales for the whole of 2015 is now 2.5 percent higher than last year.

Tablets and PCs are dropping, while sales of audio products goes well, 23 percent over the corresponding period last year, and for action cameras, the figure is now +40 percent. Even large TV screens have been selling better this year than last year.

Despite this, the industry’s total accumulated sales of all product groups in terms of money, is more than 5 percent lower than the same period of 2014.