Multichannel: Lefdal integrates e-commerce in-store

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Yesterday Lefdal launched its new store concept Lefdal 2.0, with the opening of a new store in Sandvika Storsenter.

The new store will have 38 touchscreens that are connected directly to the chain store and within a year provide a large high tech and omnichannel upgrade

Elkjøp group is making a 100 million investment in their digital offer. Commerce manager Filip Elverhøy recently told that the Lefdal future store was not as big part of this as stated in some media, but with the opening of the new store in Sandvika Storsenter the start of the new strategy is revealed.

”Since the early 2000s we have been very concerned that shall be an integrated part of our offer. We do not distinguish between customers in the online store and the customers who visits our store. A customer is a customer,” CEO Trond Samuelsen tells
”We need integrated solutions that are easy and safe, where bricks and mortar and online play together in the best way possible. Our goal is to combine the easiest and fastest web trade with the nicest and safest shop trade. If we manage this, customers will choose us.”
He says if a customer need the product the same day, it does not help with an online store that sends it during the week. The players who do not give customers the ability to retrieve their goods during the day is going to lose part of the market

Lefdal asked the customers how they think a shop with electronics will look in 2014, and the answers have been the basis for the store that is now open in Sandvika Storsenter.

”Firstly, they wanted easier and faster access to help, which is why we have placed a customer service center in our store. Secondly, they gave a clear indication they do not like to stand in line, following that we now have payment options in several places in the store – not just at checkout. Thirdly there were some goods they wanted more of, and some they would have less so we changed the product portfolio,” says Samuelsen in a press announcement.

Key issues have been which type of information the customers wanted in the store, how they would like to interact between tablet / mobile and the store and how logistics could be improved and made more efficient, says Samuelsen.
38 touchscreens in the store with will provide information around the products, according to

Next year, a solution where customers can shop via these screens is launched.

New and simplified payment solutions using near field communication (NFC) in cooperation with Sony.

Price tags in the new store will be online, directly linked to price comparison networks.

A massive upgrade of with improved graphic expression.

”During the next year we are going to upgrade the whole platform. A number of new functionalities will be launched, but for the time we choose to keep their cards close to the chest here, ” Trond Samuelsen tells

In combination with the launch in Sandvika, Lefdal has put eight 1.8 tons ice cubes in Oslo with a product inside. The first one to hack themselves in get to keep the product.