Netonnet used in big warehouse job-scam

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About a hundred people came to a former Ica warehouse in Växjö on Monday morning to start their new job. They were hired to take care of the new Netonnet-warehouse for the entire Nordic and Baltic countries and Germany.
But neither jobs or employer existed.

The management of Alwex, which now owns the former Ica warehouse in Räppe, met a hundred people who came to the warehouse entrance on Monday morning for a briefing, meet their new boss, the union and get an access card.
The problem was that Alwex was not aware of this.
The 43-year-old “manager” who interviewed the job seekers and signed all the contracts never appeared and the company behind the jobs did not exist.
“This is terrible. They act deceptively against so many people and exploit our brand, ” says Mats Lundmark, President of Alwex, to Smålandsposten.
He came to the scene to talk to the victims and explain that Alwex was not involved in this.

Over a hundred people is thus duped into one comprehensive tangle in which they were promised jobs. Many have resigned from a permanent employment to begin to work for the 43-year-old and it may now end up with financial tragedies.
“I have house and children and has left a permanent job for this. Now I stand completely without jobs and income, ” one man told the newspaper.
The 43-year-old man has stated that his company has strong links to Alwex and that the warehouse work would be done at their premises in Räppe. Persons employed under the contract would have a salary between 25 000 and 34 000 SEK per month, depending on which service they would have.
“We have been told that we would be in charge of the new warehouse for  Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Germany,” says one man.
All would, according to the information on recruitment, gather outside the big gate at Alwex warehouse at eight o’clock on Monday morning. Where’d they get the keycard, meet the manager and staff from Alwex and Transport union.

Police and three police cars arrived on the scene to talk to the disappointed and upset people.
No one has yet been able to reach the 43-year-old Växjö-man behind the company where people would have been employed.

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