Netto introduces 24/7 stores

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Netto trials nightly opening hours.

From next Friday, three stores  will have a 24/7 service and do most of refilling and cleaning before the morning rush.

”We’ll see how far we can extend our opening hours,” Country manager Brian Seemann says.

Danish shopping habits are changing rapidly. Therefore discount Netto now will keep three stores open 24 hours, seven days a week

With the liberalization of opening hours in Denmark followed extended opening hours. According to Dansk Supermarked, this combined with the significant increase in the discount sector, it means that Danish purchasing patterns are fundamentally changing. Netto gets more and more customers in the daytime and experience strongly increased visits to the stores right from the morning and at 21-22 at night.

In order to meet customer requirements, from 5 December Netto will have a number of stores that are open 24 hours every day. The Danes are demanding simply more flexible purchasing options, consider Netto Country Manager Brian Seemann.

”We believe that many customers will appreciate being able to shop when it suits them. The last few years we have seen a significant customer growth in the daytime. In order to provide these customers a great shopping experience, we’re moving cleaning the store, filling and counting of items to primarily occur at night, so we can focus even more on our customers in the hours when most of them visit us,” says Brian Seemann.

Netto stores that never closes, are launched the same day as Netto opens a shop Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen as the first grocery chain ever.

Following the liberalization of the Shops Act two years ago, Netto was the first discount chain to extend its hours for the period 8-22. With the new night open Netto night owls get equal opportunities for groceries at discount prices. But equally important is that preparation of the stores now happen at night, so Netto stores appear State of the art in the morning, writes Netto.

No current Netto employees have been forced to work at night.

”We  initially introduce the new opening hours in three stores, all of which have a large customer base. In this way we can gain experience from three different types of shops before we take a position on how far we can extend our opening hours. We will of course not have 24/7 openings everywhere, there are not enough customers for it,” says Brian Seemann.

The three Netto, as from next Friday are open 24/7 are the newly opened Netto on Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen, the store next to the railway station in Aarhus and the shop at Engelsborgvej in Lyngby.