Netto to drop store concept

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Denmark’s largest chain converts døgnNetto chain to yellow Netto.

”døgnNETTO has worked really well and had great progress last year, but today consumers will have access to the entire Netto range and better prices, and they should get it. Customers have simply chosen yellow,” says chain director Claus Juel-Jensen.

Before the year is over 30 out of 39 blue døgnNetto stores will become yellow Netto, which means modernization of commercial premises and massive investments in the fresh goods.

Some døgnNetto stores are converted into convenience concept Føtex food.

The transformation is done to keep up with the greater Copenhagen customers want, says Netto’s director, Claus Juel-Jensen.

”Netto is not just the chain in Denmark that sells most ecology, but also the most fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken and a variety of other fresh goods and basic commodities,” says Claus Juel-Jensen.

The current døgnNetto stores are mostly located on prime locations in Greater Copenhagen. The opening hours of the converted stores is maintained at 7-24. At the same time Netto has recently expanded it 24-hour shops in the capital to eight units.

The expectation is that yellow discount stores will add the chain even more growth.

”Both on our market share and the number of customers we have in recent years experienced growth. We expect that with the yellow offensive can increase sales further and capture an even larger share of the market in the retail trade,” says Claus Juel-Jensen.

More than 50 new or expanded Netto are planned for 2016.

”Transforming døgnNetto chain to yellow Netto does not alter our other expansion plans for 2016. On the contrary, it means that we have used our successful discount concept even more,” says Claus Juel-Jensen.