Netto to open more 24/7-stores

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Netto Denmark increases the number of stores that never close. Now two stores open in North Zealand.

From the night of Thursday, March 31 and Friday, April 1, 2016 Netto on Holmensvej in Frederikssund and Netto on Skansevej in Hollered joins the category of stores that will be open around the clock, seven days a week.

Netto already has six days open stores – four in and around Copenhagen, one in Aarhus and the latest one in Odense, since February 1st. With the two additional stores in North Zealand Net now reaches a total of eight days open stores nationwide.

”Customers increasingly expect to be able to do their shopping when it suits them best. That we meet daily where our 24/7-stores already exists and now we are expanding with two more in North Zealand. Experience from our existing night open shops, including in Kgs. Lynbgy, has been so good that we want to give more customers in North Zealand the same opportunity,” said Brian Seemann, director of Netto Denmark.

The purpose of the night open stores are also moving tasks like filling up shelves and cleaning to the quiet hours. That way, the stores are nicer in the busy hours, giving employees more time for customer service, according to Dansk Supermarked.

”It has proved to work very well in terms of ensuring more time to customers and a higher standard shop in the daytime. Additionally, it has surprised us positively, how many customers that actually shop at night. Which we also expect will be the case in both Hillerød and Frederikssund, says Brian Seemann.