New IC Companys-CEO fires Peak Performance-director

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First thing to do for IC Company group’s newly appointed CEO, Mads Ryder:

Fire the managing director of Peak Performance.

”The collaboration between me and Mads Ryder did not work. He told me yesterday that his decision has nothing to do with either performance or achievements, he simply did not want to work with me, Henrik Bunge says.”


He will be replaced by Anders Cleemann, former head of Tiger of Sweden and By Malene Birger.

According to, Henrik Bunge received the announcement yesterday by Mads Ryder, who’s been the CEO for IC Companys for a little bit more than a month.

Bunge, who came to Peak Performance last spring, told Sportfack it was a really sad news.

”It has been a fantastic journey with Peak Performance for 1.5 years, where we have turned the company. We have increased profitability by 35 percent, increased sales and gained market share . It is really sad to leave now that we have a new direction and new momentum.”

According to Bunge, the lack of personal chemistry between himself and Ryder is the reason he now may go.

”I had a good working relationship with the former CEO.”

He will now do some thinking about whether he could have done something different or better .

Before Henrik Bunge took the job as CEO of Peak Performance , he worked for several years for the Adidas Group.

”I love sports and want to do something that actually create value, not just to sell stuff. Get people to travel more, work out more and dare to do things that most only dream about. Next I want to work in an organization where you want to see rapid change and long term value increase. An organization where you do not put energy into politics, but instead try to add value. And the value for me is primarily towards the consumer and secondarily against the owner”, Henrik Bunge told Sportfack.

Yesterday IC Companys Group announced it is reorganizing its management team to get a flatter organizational structure with more focus on brands in the premium segment: Tiger of Sweden , By Malene Birger and Peak Performance.

In the future, these brands report directly to the CEO Mads Ryder . As part of the reorganization Anders Cleemann steps of the management team in order to focus fully on Peak Performance.