He is the new Ica-Stig

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Actor Hans Mosesson stepped out of Sweden’s best known Ica-store Sunday after 512 weekly episodes in the TV commercial as merchant Stig.
In stepped opera singer Loa Falkman as the new Stig for at least two years.

Loa Falkman is a well-known singer in Sweden with a successful track record as an actor in both drama and comedy.
”For me it’s a great opportunity to take on the role of one of Sweden’s most famous characters in one of the country’s most popular television shows. It will be a challenge to take over from Hasse but it’s a challenge that I look very much forward,” says Loa Falkman.

The transition was a gentle tribute to Hans Mosesson where colleagues in the Ica store got time frozen while the old Stig left the hall, stopped to greet his successor and everything went on as if nothing happened in the store.

“Behind the choice of Loa Falkman is extensive work. Our agency has had discussions with several well-known actors and actresses. We chose Loa because he did the funniest and best interpretation of the Ica-Stig. We are proud that one of Sweden’s finest actors accepted the role,” says Anders Svensson, CEO of ICA Sweden.

The commercials about an Ica retailer and his shop began airing in December 2001 and was back in 2007 appointed the longest advertising series of Guiness Book of Records.

Loa Falkman held his new mission secret even for their children.
”It feels great. I have followed the advertising through the years and like the heat and the unpredictable content,” says Loa Falkman

He has signed on for two years.