New Ikea store targets cycling customers

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On Friday, Ikea opened its 20th Swedish department store.

The modern and environmental friendly store in Umeå is especially designed for easy access with bike.

The 30,000-square-meter store in Söderslätt was traditionally inaugurated with log sawing by store manager Mari Gustafsson, Sweden’s Energy Minister Ibrahim Baylan and Umeå Mayor Hans Lindberg.

Umeå is one of Sweden’s highest ranked cycling cities. Therefore, Ikea has built a bicycle parking with 430 places – more than at any other store. For those coming with electric car are special places with charging stations. Moreover departs a new bus route from central Umeå every fifteen minutes. Ikea also lends box-bikes to customers to carry their goods home. The department store is also full of inspiration and solutions for a more sustainable life at home.

“We are humbled by the great interest that exists for Ikea Umeå and we want to meet and exceed the expectations of IKEA, our products and home decorating skills, says Håkan Svedman, Country Manager IKEA Sweden.

The department store is built together with the shopping center named Avion Shopping which opens March 17 with more than 90 stores.