Next generation Eklöf new CEO of Stadium

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From 1 December 2015 shoulders Karl Eklöf will take the same role as his father once did and thus begin a new chapter of the Nordic sports chain Stadium.

”This feels really great and glorious. I’m really looking forward to start a new chapter for the company,” says Karl Eklöf.

After a period of two months as acting president Karl Eklöf, son of co-founder Ulf Eklöf, takes position as Stadium’s new permanent leader.

Karl Eklöf has several years of experience in roles and tasks at the Stadium. He joined the company in 1993 and has worked full time in a number of different departments and services. Among others, Karl has been store manager, country manager for Denmark and sales manager. Since 2007 he has been Executive Vice President and Head of Stadium’s expansion.Karl Eklöf

”Karl is familiar with Stadium’s opportunities and challenges, he has literally grown up within the company. He is also the right person for the task, says Birger Lund, Stadium’s Chairman.