Nordic white goods giant expands warehouse

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Houseware electronic chain ELON will double the size of it’s warehouse in Örebro when the white goods group expands into more countries and broadens the product range.

And a hundred metres extra railway into the warehouse provides 50 percent more environmentally compatible transport. The order is worth 111 MSEK to construction company NCC .

”The extension and expansion gives Örebro more jobs. We have already started hiring and will recruit more to the warehouse and to our head office which also is being expanded”, says ELON Elkedjan Logistics President and CEO Christer Larsson.

NCC will construct a so-called high-bay warehouse of 25,000 square meters within ELON Elkedjan Logistics , EEL AB, existing warehouse. It almost doubles the surface to 55 000 square meters. The high-bay warehouse, ten meters tall, can stack more in height than the existing warehouse and will increase the capability to a stock possibility of more than double the volume.

In addition 1200 square meters of office is making the head office in Orebro doubled.

When the existing train house will be expanded, the number of rail transports should up by 50 percent. Within five years, a majority of all transportation to and from the EEL ‘s central warehouse is predicted to go on rails.