Norgesgruppen converts Ultra-chain to Meny

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Norgesgruppen consolidates their chain brands.

Now, the awarded premium concept Ultra will be converted to Meny.

Ultra Sandvika.

Ultra Sandvika.

Ultra Sandvika was recently appointed ”Top 5 best grocery stores in the world”. Now Norgesgruppen drops the brand. Five stores will be converted to Meny – and one to Jacobs.

According to Menu director Vegard Kjuus the rebranding will lead to a better range of products in the affected stores.
”The stores will retain the good selection and in addition Menu get even greater power to demonstrate the difference to small assortments stores,” says Kjuus.

Jacobs at Holtet will continue in its present form, and in addition is also Ultra Colosseum now Jacobs.

”We believe there is room for one more store in Oslo with similar expertise and passion for quality. Therefore Ultra Colosseum is rebranded to Jacobs,” says Vegard Kjuus.

He says the knowledge the employees of Ultra represents, should help lift Meny supermarkets further in key areas such as Ultra has represented: Wide range of products, fresh produce, local food and strong technical expertise.

”We are experiencing that menu customers appreciate that we are investing heavily in variety and quality. We will continue to tailor our stores to the local market in which we operate,” says Kjuus.

Ultra Ski, Bryn Ultra, Ultra Sandvika, Ultra Asker and Centra Hovik will maintain and reinforce its a fresh foods and quality profile. Rebranding will not affect the number of employees in the affected stores.