Norwegian consumers are still No1 in Nordic online shopping

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The Nordic e-commerce continued strongly in the second quarter in 2014.

Overall, the Nordic consumers shopped for a value of 32,9 billion SEK, compared to 34 billion in Q1 in 2014.

PostNords report also shows that Finns and Norwegians has the lowest and highest share of e-commerce customers.

E-commerce was strong in the second quarter of 2014, as many consumers said they shopped online in the second quarter (68 percent) in the first (70 percent).

PostNord announces in their Q2-report for Nordic e-commerce that e-commerce-related shipments to consumers rose 12 percent in the second quarter.

“The size of the Nordic e-commerce market is thus in line with the previous quarter and the quarterly variation follows the pattern we have seen in previous measurements of the e-commerce market,” said Håkan Ericsson President and CEO of Post North in the report.

In the second quarter, the value of the Nordic consumer e-commerce was estimated to reach 32.9 billion SEK. Of these, consumers estimates that about 9.6 million of their e-commerce has been from sites they consider foreign.

Most common to shop from abroad, it is in Norway where half of all online items traded are estimated to come from abroad.

Norway also has the largest share of e-commerce consumers, while Finland has the lowest percentage of e-commerce in Scandinavia.

The percentage of consumers that e-purchasing from abroad were lowest in Sweden with 32 percent of those who shopped online during the quarter. Sweden is on the other hand the most common of the Nordic countries to shop from when Danes, Norwegians and Finns are shopping. Apart from that the northerners are happy to shop from the UK, but also the United States, Germany and China are common countries to e-shop from.

The main reason that e-commerce consumers choose to shop in a certain shop is the previous experience of the site, but even Google searches or comparison sites leads customers into the web shops. The most common reason for discontinuation of an already launched e-commerce purchases is that it requires a login or membership to complete the purchase.

  • Clothing, media (books, movies and music) consumer electronics and cosmetics, skin and hair care are the four categories that most consumers in the Nordic countries, shopped online in the second quarter.
  • A category that is particularly visible in foreign trade is car parts and accessories that is popular in Sweden and Finland
  • When northerners had to answer why they chose to visit the online store/site, 43 per cent stated that they had previous experience from the online store.
  • 25 percent searched by themselves on the internet via search engine or available information.
  • 7 percent of northerners said they shopped on a website that they had received tips on by friends or acquaintances, and 6 percent said they decided to visit the web shop after receiving a newsletter by e-mail.
  • Half of all e-commerce consumers think it is important or very important to choose logistics operator and seven out of ten think it is important or very important to choose for ourselves how the goods are delivered.
  • One in ten northerners have been referred by staff in a physical store to their online store when the product they are looking for is out of stock.
  • The use of tablet computers and computer monitors in the store used to take part on information on goods sold in the shop is most common in Norway, 20 percent and Sweden, 16 percent.

In total, the survey had 1326 respondents in Sweden, 1479 respondents in Denmark, 1 427 respondents in Norway and 1 310 respondents in Finland.