”Norwegian e-commerce makes most progress”

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Nordic consumers make online purchases more frequently. And they buy more from UK and China.

Swedish e-commerce is the largest market in the Nordics and the most popular market inside Scandinavia. But Norway is making the greatest progress.

These are a few conclusions from PostNord’s report on Nordic e-commerce.

12.4 million people in Scandinavia made online shopping in each quarter in 2014.

Sweden accounts for the largest amount of almost 5 million e-commerce consumers, but the other countries are close behind with between 2.3 and 2.7 million e-commerce consumers.

The development of e-commerce in the Nordics are going forward in a powerful way, according to PostNord experts.
Not least, the Norwegian e-shops has improved considerably in recent times, experts say. Norwegian consumers are also those who spend the most money online.
Kristin Anfindsen, Development Manager for e-commerce at Postnord Norway, believes that Norway will be seeing more of integration between physical and digital channels to come.
“I also believe that it will be necessary to Norwegian e-retailers are to face tough competition from abroad. To stand in competition, Norwegian e-retailers also need to develop their range, working with physical and digital marketing, and spend extra on logistics, service and personal attention. This is true by the way for all e-retailers in the Nordic region, “says Kristin Anfindsen in the report.

The country that possibly stands out is Finland, where the e-stores are not as developed.
“There’s nothing wrong the will to consume – on the contrary, Finnish consumers want to shop and are at the same level of technological development as consumers in the other Nordic countries, but domestic supply is still a little too meager,” says Jouni Lamberg, Director E-commerce Postnord Finland.

The percentage of consumers who shop via mobile phone is low in Finland, as in Denmark, which experts believe may be due to a relatively low number of very large e-retailers.

One third of the Nordic region’s population do online shopping every month, which is an increase in all countries compared to last year.
Danes are most frequently online; nearly two out of five said that they shop at least once a month. In Finland, however, only one of five shopped online at least once a month.

The Nordic consumers appreciate that in 2014 they e-traded goods with a value of 141.3 billion SEK. Swedish e-commerce consumers traded for the most during the year, nearly 55 billion.
Norwegian consumers thereafter,  traded for about 35 billion SEK  in 2014. In Denmark amounted e-commerce to a value of over 29 billion and in Finland around 22 billion SEK.

  • The biggest reason for northerners to shop online is that it is simple.
    To Finnish consumers simplicity is much less important, while the price and supply is of greater importance. The price seems to reduce its significance as a major factor in Denmark, Sweden and Norway compared with last year’s survey.
  • Britain is still the most popular country to the e-shop from for northerners when it comes to e-commerce outside their own country. On average, 41 percent of the Nordic people who shopped from abroad did it from the UK in 2014 and Denmark had half of the cross-border online shopping from the UK. US and Germany share second place, but also China begins to move up to the same levels.
    Swedes and Norwegians spent the most on foreign online stores. The value of e-commerce from abroad accounted for about 27 percent of the total estimated value of e-commerce in the Nordic countries.
  • The intra-Nordic trade is largely directed against Sweden. Denmark is the second most popular country to the e-shop from among the Nordic countries.
  • More than one out of ten northerners said they shopped goods with the cell phone in Q4 2014. Particularly widespread was this behavior in Sweden, where almost one in five shopped online from a mobile device.
  • Generally, payment by credit card is the most popular payment method in e-commerce and is more popular than the invoice in all the Nordic countries.
    Even if the credit card is most popular, there are more than twice as many in Denmark who prefer to pay this way than in Sweden. Sweden and Finland on the other hand is situated high above the other Nordic countries in terms of popularity for direct payment in the bank.