Ok to new west coast shopping center

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Swedish westcoast city Varberg gets a brand new retail park.
24,000 square meters of retail space, and a Biltema store will complement the city retail offer.

Lugnetrondellen-project, Varberg

Lugnetrondellen-project, Varberg

Lugnetrondellen, referring to the location of the roundabout, will be the name of the new shopping center to be built on Värnamovägen 6, a few kilometers north of central Varberg.

“Varberg is an expansive and growing region with a traditionally strong trade in the inner city. As we develop the new shopping center, we want to complement today’s trading range in Varberg with a modern and structured volume trade away from the city center. In much the same way as when we developed the shopping center 421 Sisjön outside Gothenburg, “says Lennart Karlsson, CEO of Aspelin Ramm Fastigheter.

Total includes Lugnetrondellen 24,000 square meters of retail space spread over a dozen of stores from 500 to 7000 square meters and will be completed during 2017.

“We are planning for a good and broad mix of different stores that we collect in a new, modern and accessible way. It is mainly volume retail areas such as electronics, home and leisure and building merchants. Additionally, we encourage some exciting restaurant business to establish itself here.”

In connection with the construction of the retail park the infrastructure in Varberg is changing. The next few years will the railway track for Västkustbanan be buried in a tunnel under Varberg. The train station and the port of Varberg is moving north and additionally planned new public transport stops around Lugnetrondellen.

“These changes will allow the city to grow northwards, closer to Lugnetrondellen. That means a growing customer base in our region which will benefit businesses in the shopping center. We also build 600 new parking spaces making it easy and convenient to come here and shop for our visitors arriving by car. At the same time we are building with high environmental ambitions. Aspelin Ramm’s part of Lugnetrondellen becomes at least a certified green building, with 25 percent less energy than new construction requirements, but we are also investigating additional energy-saving solutions,” says Lennart Karlsson.

It is already clear that Biltema will establish themselves in the new shopping center. The agreement is to acquire 7,000 square meters, and start the construction of its new store this year.

“We have long wanted to open more stores along the West Coast and then of course Varberg is one of the most interesting places for us. Lugnetrondellen is an attractive location next to one of the main roads to the city, which means good opportunities for exposure and a large flow of people passing the property every day. Our well established concepts, our wide product range and our attractive pricing we know is in demand here in Varberg,” says Anders Selfors, establishment manager at Biltema.