Nordic online shoppers become more loyal

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Seven out of ten Scandinavian consumers who buy goods online has purchased from the same store before.

This can be found in Posten and Bring e-commerce report for 2014

Simplicity, security and great deals help to create loyal customers.

”This is good news for online shops. Those who manage to create a good shopping experience will find that customers come back again and again”, says Gunnar Henriksen, Chief of e-commerce at Posten Norway.

In the e-commerce report for 2014, 4500 Nordic consumers were asked about their shopping habits of physical goods online.

”Our analysis shows that consumers who shop online has become more mature and experienced. Customer reviews, price comparison websites and search engines are still used frequently, but this survey shows that consumers at a much greater extent than previously go directly to the online stores to find information and to
shop”, explains Henriksen.

Six of ten Norwegians go directly to the website of the online store for shopping. Henriksen believes that there are still a need for smart search engine optimization, but prioritizing your own website is just as important in the future.

”Customers wants it easy, safe and predictable. Therefore, it may be wise to use some of your marketing budget on upgrading the website and ensure that it gives customers a good buying experience as possible, advises Henriksen.

Posten’s and Bring’s analyzes show that seven out of ten have shopped from the same online stores as they have in the past. The main reason is that it is considered easy and safe. Price and free shipping, however, has less bearing on the choice of online store. 80 per cent of Norwegian consumers rank safety as the main reason for choosing an online store over another.

”Once you’ve got a customer into your store and given the safety, simplicity and predictability, he or she will remain loyal. We are increasingly returning to the stores we know, and that gives us what we want. This means that the price has less importance, says Henriksen.

The report has also gone into details on trends in e-commerce, including the so-called global e-commerce, meaning you are ordering from anywhere you want in the world. About half of those surveyed had purchased a physical commodity from abroad in the last year, mainly from the UK and USA. From China, trade has increased by 10 percent in 2014.