Orkla Foods moves headquarters to Malmö

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Orkla Foods Sweden moves its headquarters from Eslöv to Malmö.

This eliminates 225 jobs from Eslöv.

The production facility will remain.

“Current premises in Eslöv are far from up to date and we are very crowded”, says Helena Giertz, communications director of Orkla Foods Sweden, to Skånskan.

Attempts to find new premises Eslöv have not been successful. It will be easier in Malmö, reason Orkla, where the local supply is better and provide more new building projects.

In Malmö, there are also other advantages such as closer to Denmark, railway and airport – and easier to find the right staff.

The move is scheduled for the autumn of 2016.

Orkla Sweden was previously Procordia and has roots to 1939, when the Czech refugee Herbert Felix founded his classic business in Eslöv which has been the location for its headquarters there since.