Pandora goes all in in Germany

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After only six percent growth last year, Pandora invests heavily in its German stores and take all the risk.

77 shops and from 450 to 1000 employees is what happening with Pandora in Germany, writes Børsen and compares the development in UK,  42 percent growth last year, where Pandora wants to be.

”The potential in Germany is mega huge, bigger than in the UK and it would be wrong if we do not see the same development as in the UK, says Niels Møller, Pandora’s director in Germany, to Børsen.

Now all the shops will be Pandora’s own, with a greater risk, but not sharing the profits with any franchisee.

In May the company announced that in 2015 expects to open a total of 325 new concept stores globally.

And with the revenue of 3.5 billion DKK from the first quarter of 2015, an increase of 36.8 percent compared to the first quarter of 2014, Pandora now announces that it raises its expectations for the annual turnover for 2015 to 15 billion DKK. A billion more than before.