Pandora’s revenue: 16.7 billion DKK

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Pandora reports a 40 percent revenue increase during 2015.

All geographic regions contributed with double digit growth in local currency in the fourth quarter, primarily driven by better than expected Christmas sales.

Based on the preliminary reporting, Pandora’s revenue for 2015 increased approximately 40 percent compared to 2014 to 16.7 billion DKK, which compares to a financial guidance of above 16 billion DKK.

The increase includes tailwind from foreign exchange rates of around 11 percent, compared to a tailwind of around 10percent anticipated in November 2015 in connection with the announcement of the Q3 2015 report.

Other financial guidance remains unchanged. Pandora continues to expect an EBITDA margin around 37 percent.

Pandora will add 200 to 300 stores each year between 2016 and 2018, CEO Anders Colding Friis told on the company’s capital market day in Bangkok on Thursday.

60 percent of the concept stores are believed to open in Europe. North-south America and Asia-pacific regions will have 20 pecent each.