Polish discount chain opens in Denmark – takes over Rema-store

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A Polish discount chain checks out the Danish market outside Aarhus with what is probably the first of several stores.

”We open this week”, says the Amber store assistant Edvinas Levinas.

The new store is described as a version of Lidl, but with Polish and Lithuanian products instead of German.

“Our strength is that we offer products that Danes do not already know. You can actually get lot of exciting things from Poland and Lithuania, and Danes will now have a chance to taste them. For example Lithuanian beer and Lithuaniansausages, ” Edvinas Levinas told local paper Aarhus Stiftstidende.

“Now we only just have to see if the concept becomes a success,” he said.

The store is located in Stavtrup, where several discount chains are already located. Amber is moving in to the former Rema 1000-store at Klokkeskovvej i Stavtrup. A larger Rema is now located next to a brand new Fakta. So Stavtrup grovery assortment is very different from a year ago.

Rema has lost ten percent of it’s turnover after the Fakta-establishment.

”The Polish shop I do not fear. People in Stavtrup want high quality and it will be interesting to see if Amber can meet the requirements, “says store manager Lise Leander, Rema 1000 in Stavtrup to the paper.

“The quality is top notch,” Edvinas Levinas replies.