Politicians to take position about new shopping center north of Gothenburg

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E6 between Gothenburg and the Norwegian border may get a new retail park of 30,000 square meters.
On Tuesday the politicians in Stenungsund take position on the issue.

Today, the location offers two fast food places and a gas station. The idea is to increase the trade at Spekeröd junction to six major buildings. One of them will contain a larger grocery store at almost 6000 square meters.

Three of the buildings are supposed to be pointed directly at E 6 that passes by. Without appeals, Spekeröd Development would be able to inaugurate the retail trade at end of 2017.
Project developer Dimce Petrovski tells Göteborgs-Posten that he is currently discussing with a large food company and a large company in the automotive industry.
He says there is a lot of interest in the project among both companies and customers.
”There is a very large catchment area. This is the entrance to Stenungsund, Tjörn and Orust, he says to gp.se.
The investment is estimated at 400 million SEK.
“The idea is that we will have commercial buildings, with businesses that may need three, four or five thousand square meters. Such large venues, there is no place for in Stenungsund, “says Dimce Petrovski.
It is precisely the concern of how the trade in Stenungsund centre is affected that is the big political issue. Today the major part of the shopping is located to the mall and centre Stenungstorg, owned by Citycon.

The leftwing parties have always emphasized the risk of a large grocery store next to the highway would disrupt trade contained in Stenungsund.

But the liberal and conservative majority sees no reason for a change of course.

On Tuesday, a so-called design program is presented for politicians in the Environment Committee.