Pork debate affected more than half of Swedish consumers

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More than half of the Swedish consumers who usually buy foreign pork says that the recent debate about farming has affected their meat consumption.

And for those consumers affected, 8 out of 10 says that they will now buy more Swedish pork instead.

These are the results of a survey Demoskop has made on behalf of The Swedish food companies/Livsmedelföretagen.

In recent times, not least in the European election campaign, the debate has been hot on pig farming in other European countries, especially Denmark.

Among Swedish consumers about 60 percent typically buy foreign pork – in
greater or lesser extent. In this group now just over half, 53 percent, claims that the debate about the foreign pig farming has influenced their purchases.

And in the group affected says 83 percent they now will buy more of Swedish pork
instead. A smaller percentage say that they will reduce their meat consumption in general.

“This shows that the pig debate had a major impact, and it’s another sign that more and more Swedes are willing to pay a little more for food and reward Swedish values”, says
Livsmedelsföretagen’s CEO Marie Söderqvist who on Monday participates together with minister Eskil Erlandsson’s in a meeting with the pig industry.