Christmas shopping online towards a new record with an early start

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Four out of ten consumers in Sweden believe they will  shop their Christmas gifts online this year.

A first estimate indicates that Swedish Christmas shopping on the internet is increasing by at least six percent this year, which means a total value of 4.3 billion SEK.

The online retailers are ready to highlight Christmas early with campaigns such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, knowing 40 percent plan to make most purchases in November.

It is still over two months to Christmas, but planning fis on. PostNord will open around 50 new outlets to relieve the post office as the last year logistics was especially challenging to handle the increasing volume of the growing e-commerce.

Last year, Swedish consumers spent 4.06 billion SEK online for Christmas gifts. As expected, the record seems to be beaten this year, when 39 percent of consumers appreciate that they will buy Christmas gifts on the internet for a total value of 4.3 billion. Meanwhile, 28 percent of consumers do not yet know if they’ll e-shop a few Christmas gifts, so growth could be even higher.

The Christmas gifts that most states that they will e-shop are books (42% of consumers who enter the e-Christmas shopping), followed by toys (20%), computer and video games (18%), children’s products (15%) , DVD / Blue Ray (15%) and children’s clothing (14%).

”More and more consumers realize how convenient it is to shop for their Christmas gifts online. For many, Christmas is the busiest time of year and many prefer to save time by shopping from home in peace and quiet instead of crowding in stores”, says Arne Andersson, e-commerce expert at Post Nord.

The survey also shows that the holiday shopping season starts early online. Four out of ten consumers appreciate to shop most of their presents on the internet in November, the culmination is reached first week of December. More information is available in the background report below.

”Swedish retailers can increase their sales during the Christmas shopping season by being well prepared, early highlight of Christmas in the digital channels and go for shopping phenomenon like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Otherwise it’s a risk that Swedish consumers choose to e-shop a growing share of their presents from foreign sites”, says Arne Andersson.