Posten Åland to increase capacity for Amazon purchases

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Posten adds 6,400 square meters on Åland.
The reason is an increasing customer base selling through Amazon’s third party solutions.
“We our running out of floor space,” says CEO Henrik Lundberg.

Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea is a popular hub for e-commerce, logistics, due to special tax regulations since it operates outside of the European Union Value Added Tax Area. Magazine distribution have for long enjoyed the non-VAT agreement. But their distribution probably ends now, but focus is moving towards e-commerce. Several big Nordic players, such as Cdon, uses Åland as a distribution center.
During 2014 over ten new customers from France, Belgium, Holland, UK and Germany have been added and there are ongoing negotiations with more companies. A common business model is that they will operate on the North Europe market from Åland and they sell through Amazon.
“It’s the same product portfolio we’ve’ve been working with so far, online sales for a maximum of 22 euro,” Henrik Lundberg tells Ålandstidningen.
Åland offers a whole chain of logistics services, including stock keeping, order management, packing and delivery within 48 hours.
According to Lundberg each new customer from the continent requires a number of square meters of packing shelves
The new capacity will handle up to 70,000 deliveries per day with two daily shippings to Finland. A terminal in Turku also serves as transshipment and staging for European goods.
Henrik Lundberg is open for more spaces in the future.
“We need to see how the market develops. Our advantage is that we do not depend on Finnish law, only European Regulations. We are constantly up to date, but I do not think the European Union will change anything because of us. We are too small for that,” he tells Ålandstidningen.