PostNord recruits e-commerce specialist from HUI

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HUI’s retail expert Carin Blom will become e-commerce expert at PostNord Sweden, responsible for developing the e-barometer to contain more macro analysis and enhanced interpretation of how retailers digitization poses new requirements for the industry in terms of data-driven marketing and logistics.

Carin Blom will also be PostNord in Sweden spokesperson on issues related to consumer behavior in general, and the retail and e-commerce in particular. She is 28 and economist. For the past five years she has been an analyst at HUI Research with responsibilities including Retail Index (DHI) and e-barometer.

”With Carin Blom we are gaining new expertise in consumer behavior, macro analysis and trends in retailing. We have an even stronger voice when it comes to interpreting what the digitization of the retail sector in terms of new demands for individualized marketing and consumer-driven logistics,” said PostNord Swedish CEO Anders Holm.

She will work together with PostNord’s e-commerce profile Arne Andersson.

Carin Blom will assume her position at PostNord in January.