Power tricked landlord and Elgiganten – opens four weeks early

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It was supposed to be a retail highlight.

Now, the new electronics chain Power from Expert breach the agreement with the new shopping center BIG in Herlev and opens the store, four weeks before the center’s official opening together with Elgiganten.

”We were simply ready to open,” says Expert CEO Jesper Boysen

Landlords NPV and NREP set the official opening of BIG to October 31 with an anticipated clash between Elgiganten and the new big box-chain Power’s second store.

“It’s probably the first time in Danish history that a joint opening of a new shopping center will be overtaken by a single store. It also means that the NPV and NREP are left without opportunities to intervene against Power alone. Our lawyers have reviewed the contracts concluded, and we can not prevent it. We regret that they go solo, “says Managing Director of NPV, Jens Schumann to business.dk.

He believes the electronic war between the two chains damage the community center.

“They fight, but we have another goal: to get the whole center finalized so that all stores have the best possible start for servicing their customers, and that customers have a good experience, ” he says.

The CEO of Expert and of Power, Jesper Boysen, confess that it is a little bit naughty to open before stated time.

”We take pride in being a little faster and a little more fun than our competitors, and with the opening on Saturday morning, we put a line under exactly the message. It is good news for the Danes – and a great start for both our new store and the new center Big in Herlev, “he tells business.dk, adding that the store was set and ready and that’s why they chose to open.



Despite the fact that Jens Schumann is enraged over Power’s decision, he sees clear advantages with two similar stores in the same center. And the same usually goes for the retailers, if two giants are located at one spot – consumers tend to prefer that spot in front of competitors at other spots.

In Sweden, Elgiganten and Media Markt, are often located next to each other – where Elgiganten has turned out to be the winner when they upgrade to Megastore-concept.


BIG in Herlev will host 28 shops. Usually the challenge is to be able to finish on time. It is a nerve beyond all boundaries stated Jens Schumann who finds Expert’s behavior ”unacceptable”.


“We are delighted to have Power, but since Thursday evening, we’ve had a very strained dialogue.”