Record growth for Swedish food exports

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Germans love Swedish cakes, France import large volumes of Swedish bread and British people quenches ther thirst with Swedish cider.

Swedish food exports are growing at a record pace and the craving is particularly great for foods and drinks for breakfast, snacks and party.

But Sweden is way behind on some of the largest markets, such as China.

This is demonstrated by Swedish Food Federation unique mapping of the new Swedish export miracle. Now the industry targets 150 billion SEK in food exports in 2025.

”One could say that we are the best at exporting food and drink that is linked to the Swedish sin, such as cakes, pastries, sweets and alcohol,” says the Food Federation CEO Marie Söderqvist.

The unique survey shows that Swedish food exports  amounted to almost 70 billion in 2014.

Swedish Food Federation says for the target to be possible, the FTA between the EU and the US must become a reality together with increased investment in research and innovation and export permits to China.

”We have fallen behind other countries in the fast-growing Chinese market. If the Chinese middle class would buy as much Swedish food as the French, our exports to China would be almost 50 times greater than today,” says Marie Söderqvist.

She also sees a need to strengthen the export supply in several product categories.

”We need to expand our exports from sin to healthy. There is a huge potential for Swedish food to feed the increased craving in the world for ecological and healthier foods. And here we are now seeing several Swedish companies on the rise,” says Marie Söderqvist.