Reitan launches new dining concept

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Reitan Convenience is preparing for a new fast dining concept for travel points, called Northland.

Stavanger train station and the extension at Oslo Airport will have the four first units.


Northland is a separate dining concept that is inspired by Norwegian ingredients and nature, and is based on the Norwegian bakery and bread traditions

In late November, the first dining spot will open in Stavanger, and at the start of 2017 three units will be ready in “new Oslo Airport.”

”We have long seen a growing demand for quality food for people on the go. Therefore we are launching the all-new specialized dining concept Northland, to meet this need,” says CEO of Reitan Convenience, Magnus Reitan.

The first dining spot with the Northland concept opens in Stavanger Train Station on November 25. Furthermore, new entrants have opened into the kiosk and beverage outlets at Oslo Airport, and three Northland stores will be ready there at the opening of the new Pier Northern at spring 2017.

The idea is to serve customers with a full fresh prepared meal “to-go” on a maximum of two minutes.

”Gardermoen is a great showcase for Norway and Norwegian food traditions. We strongly believe that Northland will be a hit among travelers on their way out into the world,” says Magnus Reitan.