Rema 1000 Denmark’s new favorite supermarket

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Føtex and Netto is beaten by a Norwegian. Rema 1000 is the new Danish favorite supermarket according to YouGov and Børsen’s annual consumer survey.

Also, the chain has very loyal customers. Now they go after Netto in size.

Føtex and Netto follows after REMA 1000 as second and third respectively. The new Customer Centric analysis also appoints brands with the best service and the retail company that is best for customers.

REMA 1000 comes out as second after Irma among grocery chains. Results are calculated from both the value the customer attaches to the customer experience with the company, but also the loyalty of the customer exhibit by example repurchase. REMA 1000 also comes in second place in the list of supermarkets with the most loyal customers in 2013.

”This is a fantastic result. It’s crazy to get ahead Føtex, says managing director of Rema 1000 Denmark”, Henrik Burkal to the Danish business newspaper Børsen.

The goal is to become Denmark’s largest discount chain and thus beat Netto in sales and size, the newspaper writes.

”We open 15-20 new Rema-stores every year. We begin to make ourselves noticeable”, says Burkal.