Rema closes all stores on Saturday

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Rema 1000 closes 256 danish stores on Saturday

On Rema 1000’s 20th birthday , all employees from tcash register to arehouse have been invited to celebrate the big party on Saturday in Fredericia.

Over 5000 employees have announced their arrival .

The customer is our top chef and we have already celebrated our 20th birthday with customers in a big way with extra good deals on many of our great products. Now we ask graciously our supreme commander to be ‘free’ this one day , so all Rema 1000s employees can meet for a birthday party and celebrate the 20 years of prosperity here in Denmark”, says CEO Henrik Burkal .

The party on Saturday is normal in Reitan framework. It’s an important tradition for the owner family and the entire group to be celebrated . Founder and owner Odd Reitan and his son, the heads of Rema 1000, Ole Robert Reitan , are also both present on Saturday. They know how important it is to support”, says Henrik Burkal to

The 5000 Rema 1000 employees can look forward to a big party where Mick Øgendahl entertains and The Antonelli Orchestra is responsible for the music in collaboration with Nabiha, Shaka Loveless and Christopher,Kato og Johnson, Safri Duo and Electric Lady Lab.

On Sunday 8 am all stores are open again.