Rema’s new partner will teach children about food

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Rema 1000 has found an educational partner.

Now Geitmyra Matkultursenter will help young Rema customers to learn more about food.

Rema 1000 says it has long wanted to find a partner that helps children get to learn about food, cooking, food’s origin and composition. Someone who teaches children basic knowledge about different materials and their use in a way that gives enjoyment and understanding of the food chain.

Now this is found by Rema 1000 at Geitmyra Matkultursenter.

Geitmyra focuses on food awareness by letting children experience, taste, try and fail – and try again with warm humor, fun and laughter. Since 2009 , as Andreas Viestad accidentally passed Geitmyra farm and established the non-profit foundation Geitmyra food culture center for children, kids get to experience hens, insect hotels, greenhouses and to sow seeds in the garden.

Cooperation between Rema 1000 and Geitmyra will help to strengthen the important work allowing Geitmyra to expand their course offerings. Rema 1000 can help children connect what happens in a store together with joy for ingredients and recipes and get to learn more about what children like and why.