Report: Nordic e-commerce grew by 2.5 billion first quarter

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During the first quarter of 2015, Nordic consumers  shopped online for approximately 36.5 billion SEK.

Denmark now has the biggest share of online shoppers, while Sweden still is the country with most purchases from mobile phones.

This represents an increase of approximately 2.5 billion SEK compared with the corresponding period last year, shows PostNord’s report E-commerce in the Nordic region.

Northerners are shopping increasingly on the Internet, between January and April of this year, e-commerce grew by seven percent compared to last year. The Danes went on the Norwegians as the most e-trading people (76 and 75 percent respectively), but also in Sweden and Norway, the proportion increased somewhat.

”The development of e-commerce in the Nordic countries continue to move forward. A crucial part for e-commerce to continue to develop positively, deliveries live up to consumer demands. We see that consumers are increasingly expecting to decide how delivery will take place,” says Annemarie Gardshol, E-Commerce Manager at PostNord.

Almost half of all northerners think it is very important that they get to choose the delivery method for their goods. In Denmark the reception power is valued most highly. For over a third of those who shopped it is very important to choose the goods to be delivered.

How the e-traded goods should preferably be delivered varies between the Nordic countries. The most popular option for all countries, however, to collect the goods at an agent.

A clear trend compared with last year is that more and more Nordic e-commerce consumers choose to buy goods with their mobile. In Sweden, the proportion remained highest, but the trend shows an increase in trade in the mobile phone in almost all Nordic countries. The Danes for example increased their e-commerce purchases from  mobile by 5 percent to 15 percent this year, thus they passed the Nordic average. In Sweden was 17 percent via mobile phone, in Norway 12 percent and in Finland, 8 percent.

E-commerce in the Nordics is published quarterly and is based on a consumer survey conducted in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, with over 4000 respondents.