Resigning Stadium CEO to join Kappahl Board

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The resigning CEO of Stadium, Gustaf Öhrn, will take place in the Kappahl Board.
The Nomination Committee proposes him and Kicki Olivensjö to be elected as new members at the General Meeting.

The Committee is also proposing a re-election of the Board members Anders Bülow, Christian W. Jansson, Pia Rudengren and Susanne Holmberg at the Annual General Meeting in KappAhl on 2 December, 2015.

Amelia Adamo has declined re-election.  The Nomination Committee also proposes that Anders Bülow is re-elected as Chairman of the Board.

Gustaf Öhrn is tthe Hroup CEO of Stadium AB until October, 2015. Gustaf Öhrn has also been CEO of Fotoquick AB, Amago Capital AB, J. Lindeberg AB and Speed Ventures AB. In addition, he has been head of the youth division and the women’s wear division at Hennes & Mauritz AB. Gustaf Öhrn is a board member of Acne Studios Holding AB and a graduate economist.

Kicki Olivensjö will assume the position of head of product range and purchasing at Venue Retail Group on 1 October and has previously been business area manager and head of design and purchasing at Åhléns. Prior to this she has worked as head of design and purchasing at Lindex and head of design and production at Peak Performance. In addition, Kicki Olivensjö has worked at Hennes & Mauritz AB on various positions in Sweden and Hong Kong.