Sales of laptops back on an increasing trend

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After being in the shadows of mobiles and tablets for a long time, the Swedish sales of laptops and other PC shows growth. During the first two months, sales were 11 percent higher than the corresponding last year.

Total sales of consumer electronics are still below 2014 (-2.3 percent), but the variation between product groups are great. This is reported by the index from Swedish electronics industry.

Television sales overall is negative while large TV screens increases. Laptops are going well while surf pads decreases.

”A clear trend is that audio products are demanded by Swedish consumers. Since Spotify has taken over from the CD, wireless speakers or good headphones, makes the music more justice than the phone’s tiny built, but also that the TV experience becomes larger with good sound recording,” , says Klas Elm, CEO of Swedish electronics industry.

Action Cameras continues to triumph in the sales figures – up 23 percent compared with the same period last year. The turnover of the largest product group, cell phones, retains its consistently high sales. Last year 3.8 million mobile phones were sold in Sweden and during the first two months of 2015 sales continue at the same level.