Scandinavian Amazon opens Qliro payment solution for external traders

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Qliro Group, formerly CDON Group, is taking another step in the same direction as Amazon.
Today the listed company announces that the payment solution Qliro is opened for external traders – and launched in other Nordic countries.

Qliro was started in 2014 as part of the renamed Qliro Group and has replaced Klarna with Qliros payment service in Sweden on, Nelly, NLYman, web, Jual and Members.

Now it has developed integration modules to make it easy for traders who use the platforms Magento and Askås to join Qliros payment solution.

Shortly, integrations with more platforms will be launched, according to a press release.
In 2015 therefore continued integration with other Swedish merchants and launch into another Nordic countries is planned.

“Qliro are in an exciting phase. We launched the payment solution on the Group’s Swedish stores last year and today Qliro has more than 500,000 customers. The response from consumers has been positive, while the interest from other e-retailers is great. Therefore, we are taking the next step and offer payment solution for merchants outside Qliro Group,” comments Paul Fischbein, President and CEO of Qliro Group.

Some traders are already contracted, and Qliro says merchants using Cdon marketplace are a natural target group for the payment solution.