Scandinavian e-commerce for 44,2 billion SEK first quarter

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For the first time, a survey is made quarterly to estimate the progress in the whole Nordic e-commerce. During the first quarter of 2014 seven of ten northerners bought online products for a value of about 4,9 billion EUR. From the first quarter of 2014 PostNord follows the Nordic developments in e-commerce. The quarterly survey is based on consumers’ estimate of how much they have shopped for. During the first quarter of this year seven of ten northerners bought online products for a value of about 44.2 billion SEK (appx 4,9 billion EUR). PostNord’s e-commerce-related B2C-parcel volumes increased by 15 percent. Norwegians are the most frequent e-retailers, 75 percent of Norwegians did online shopping the previous quarter. The lowest share of e-commerce consumers in the Nordic countries is found in Finland, where the corresponding proportion was 66 percent. E- commerce in Scandinavia is published quarterly and is based on a consumer survey conducted in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, with more than 4,000 respondents. Consumer survey was conducted in April 2014. To meet the growing e-commerce market, PostNord is increasing our focus on e-commerce. We will drive the development of innovative solutions in the Nordic market when it comes to deliveries of goods bought online. To do this in practice, we must have an understanding of both similarities and differences in the Nordic markets”, says Håkan Ericsson, President and CEO of Post North. How a customer wishes to have goods delivered differ between countries and also depends on which product they have bought online. Generally, however, the mailbox is a popular delivery option in all Nordic countries except Finland, where it is popular to collect goods at a pick up-point. In Denmark, many e-commerce consumers prefer to get their goods by home delivery in the daytime. In the other Nordic countries, the interest in home deliveries is quite low, instead there are more who want to retrieve their packages themselves at a pick up-point at times that suit them yourself. Consumers appreciate that about 10.1 billion SEK of their online shopping are from the sites they deem is foreign. 33 percent of deliveries in the Nordic countries came, according to consumer appreciation, from abroad. When northerners buy online from abroad they prefer the UK. Clothing, books, electronics and cosmetics, skin and hair care are the four categories that most consumers in the Nordic countries bought online in the first quarter. Half of all online consumers in the Nordic countries consider it quite important to choose for themselves how the goods they ordered online will be delivered. Expectations on delivery times vary between countries. Danes imagine they can wait maximum 3.3 days for their products. The Finnish e -commerce consumers are maximum willing to wait 4.9 days.