See the customers react to the cash register Christmas symphony

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German grocery stores know how to make people sing along for Christmas.
Both Rewe and Edeka trials unusual ways to market themselves for Christmas.  See this mouthful singing or the real live cash register symphony.

For the second time this year Edeka makes an unusual spot talked about.
On YouTube, Redeka has “Jingle Bells” set to music directly from the scanner POS of a Edeka market near Koblenz.

The cashier moves the products rhythmically on the bar code readers which make the different tones sound, which combine to form the all too familiar melody at the end.

The nine cashiers are not actually employees of the supermarket chain, but musicians who have rehearsed especially and also includes a young man who beatboxes through the supermarket microphone. Finally, 13 hidden cameras filming one day in November, the customers in the supermarket. They react in the video from irritated to enthusiastically to the unusual sound. A spokesman says they wanted to show the surprise of the people to be sure, and the filmed people were informed afterwards about being a part of the commercials, and have also agreed to.

Behind the cash Symphony is the Hamburg-based advertising agency Jung von Matt saying Redeka wanted to inspire its customers and “wish them our way a beautiful Christmas season.”

The same goes for Rewe under the title “Christmas with Rewe” singing “O Holy Night” since Monday in a YouTube video where different people singing are cut together all with mouths full of all sorts of edibles. A dog wears for example a bone in its mouth.

The Edeka video is so far the biggest viral hit, with two million views so far (Wednesday).

It is the second time this year that makes Edeka talk with an unusual Internet video of himself. In February, the company presented the clip “Super Geil”. The actor and singer Friedrich Liechtenstein dances and raps through rooms and through products from supermarket shelves. It has so far reached 12.8 million views.