Shell launches local food concept

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Norwegian Shell has launched a new food concept – to upgrade its status.

The customers will now see the origin of the food ingredients.

”Increasingly more people want local, Norwegian food. Whether the client has road work or is on holiday with family, this is something we want to follow up,” says Marketing manager Hæge Vagle.

Finnish St1 Nordic Oy took over as the new operator of Norwegian Shell-stations last year and has now replaced the Fresh-concept with its own.

The new concept  has been named “real”, meaning “genuine, unpretentious and honest.” with promotional material that states where the ingredients in their food comes from.

The big difference from before is the focus on Norwegian quality ingredients and the composition of these to improve the taste of the food.

”In surveys St1 has completed, many have very low expectations of fuel station food. We want to convince people that they can eat well and healthy at the Shell stations even if one chooses traditional fast food like hamburgers, sausage and baguette,” says Hæge Vagle.