Shorter spring season in Nordic retail

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It seems once to have been a short retail spring – and soon spring collections must go on sale.

Svensk Handel’s Chief Economist Jonas Arnberg says the transition between the seasons will be a key factor to future survival.

Fashion giant H & M recently noted that last year’s March had favorable weather conditions for the season, while it has been reversed this year.

“When winter goes directly to the summer the sale of the spring collection is very short. Goods in store in April do not sale because of the cold, and a new collection must be launched and on the shelves in May whether the old one is sold or not. Then much will go on sale. It’s a challenge, “says Jonas Arnberg, chief economist at the Svensk Handel (Swedish Trade Federation), to Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

It is primarily dealers selling clothes, shoes and sporting equipment that may have been affected by the earlier cold spring weather and when winter is quickly switched to summer.

Jonas Arnberg means that traders must broaden their range to withstand weather fluctuations.

“Swedish traders can not blame clockwise or setbacks on the weather. You have to have a portfolio that works even if the winter is green and summer is wet. The competition is much tougher than before. If the season turns between months as it does now, it can be tough. I think the traders who manage the transition are the ones who will survive, “says Jonas Arnberg.

Much depends now on how the rest of May will be if trade can recoup any of the lost spring sales.