Siba to offer one-hour-deliveries

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Siba partners with Urb-it and will offer a one-hour delivery to most customers located in the center of Stockholm and Hammarby Sjöstad.

Siba is launching a partnership with start-up Urb-it for environmentally friendly supplies within an hour straight to the address where the customer is located.
The order is made online where the customer depending on the specified zipcode and size of the goods / products will be able to choose the delivery method “courier with Urb-it 1hour,” after which the order is taken up by any of the urbers (commandments) that are closest to the customer and the current Siba store. The customer chooses freely if delivery is to be made to his home, the workplace or elsewhere.
The delivery starts and the order shipped out within an hour of the order is confirmed. The customer gets the item personally delivered within an hour – or whenever he or she may wish to get it.  When the purchase is made locally the delivery is made on foot, by bicycle or by public transport, without any environmental impact.

Urb-it uses a network of students or similar who wish to earn extra money. They take the orders through an app in their mobile phone. Behind the service is the former founder and the CEO of Citymail, Bror-Anders Månsson and Mats Forsberg.

“We are very pleased to offer this solution as we know it responds to a direct demand of many consumers. In England, this delivery method is well established since a while back and have been well received. We are confident that Siba customers will appreciate and use this unique opportunity that leads to both customer satisfaction and environmentally friendly delivery options, “says Susanne Ehnbåge, CEO of Siba.

The cost of delivery is 129 per order.