Silvan to pay 100,000 for misleading price marketing

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DIY chain Silvan has been fined with a 100,000 DKK fee after given consumers false information about the normal price.

The size of the fine reflects that it is not the first time the chain becomes trapped in misleading price marketing.

At the end of August 2013, Silvan distributed a paper-ad that consumers could get two cans of wood protection to 1,299 DKK, and that “normal price” of the wood preservation was 999.95 DKK per can

However, the Consumer Ombudsman found that Silvan six weeks prior to the marketing of the offer had actually sold the wood preservation at a lower price. And the week before Silvan marketed the same wood preservation at a price of 649.95 DKK per can even without the existence of an offer.

The Consumer Ombudsman therefore found that the stated normal price was not correct that the marketing words were misleading and therefore reported Silvan to the police. Silvan has admitted the price mistake and will pay the fine of 100,000 DKK. In 2011, Silvan paid another fine in another case concerning misleading price marketing, then it was the double amount.