Skandia to take over Solåsen retail park in Jönköping

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Skandia Real Estate acquires three properties in Solåsen retail park in Jönköping totaling 35 000 square meters of Lustgården AB.
The acquisition represents a significant part of the trade area.

The properties are called Överblicken 2,6 and 9, adjacent to the strongly expansive Southern Munksjön in Jönköping.
The retail park contains volume stores as XXL, Media Markt, the K-rauta, Lager 157, Sova, Rusta and Stadium accompanied by Leo’s Playland and a number of restaurants. A gold-colored building with trendy architecture includes the design and decor shop Royal Design.
“Jönköping Municipality is rapidly growing with over 130 000 inhabitants. It is therefore also the ninth largest labor market in Sweden, which in turn provides a good basis for us now in place in the municipality, says Bo Jansson, Property manager for housing and shopping malls

Skandia Properties, formerly known as Diligentia, owns, develops and manages fourteen shopping centers in Sweden’s metropolitan regions. The past six months the company has acquired Tyresö Centrum in Stockholm, Marnaden 2 at Väla Centre in Helsingborg, Backaplan in Gothenburg and now Solåsen in Jönköping.