Skånska Byggvaror opens second Grønt Fokus in Oslo

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Skånska Byggvaror continues its expansion in Norway through the trademark Grønt Focus. On June 22 a new store was inaugurated in Alnabru, Oslo.

”There is a rapidly growing interest in Norway for conservatories,” says CEO Anders Johansson Eickhoff.

The new store is 650 square meters and offer visitors a true garden experience with vegetation, cobbled courtyards and timbered walls. The focus is on inspiration in conservatories, greenhouses, cottages and spa. It is the second major investment in Norway after opening in Kristiansand.

”The goal is that customers will find that the store is unusually exciting and inspiring! We open an experience like no other actor offers and a range that will receive the Norwegians yearn to develop their homes including conservatories and greenhouses. Conservatories so far are not very common in Norway as in Sweden, but we now know a rapidly growing interest in Norway. The investment strengthens the awareness of Grønt Fokus and shows how easy it is to buy from us, in stores or through our e-commerce,” says Anders Johansson Eickhoff, president of Skånska Byggvaror

The new store in Oslo was designed by the architectural firm Griab.

Grønt Fokus 2